We attended Exploring the Last Mile&FTTxdevelopment

At the beginning of the 2018, along with the snow everywhere, we has fully launched various businesses in the new year.

On January 25th, in the hot Thailand, Grandway and partners held a special symposium with the theme of "Exploring the Last Mile & FTTx Development in China" and invited local operators from Thailand to wait. A total of more than 130 people participated in the unit.

The seminar lasted for one day. We introduced the company’s business for Grandway communication to the audience. We also shared with audience the extensive experience of Grandway in traditional optical communications and FTTH testing, and making a brief introduction to the development process of FTTH in China and the FTTH wiring products of Grandway. Finally, interesting quiz and on-site lucky draw were also conducted. The atmosphere at the scene was warm and the audience also interacted with us frequently to ask questions and exchanges. We discussed in detail the problems encountered in practical work.

The attendees were very professional. Afterwards, they all praised Grandway. They learned that they have learned a lot of practical FTTH operation and maintenance knowledge and experience, and they are also very satisfied with Grandway's test instrumentation and ODN products. This is the best affirmation for Grandway!


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